Govt launches Startup India Hub to make startups succeed.

India has the largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 3-5 startups being launched daily. To ensure that these startups succeed and To strengthen the startup system in our country, Govt. Has launched the startup Indian hub. It's a Virtual platform for all the Entrepreneurs in India to discover and interact with each other.The Launch event was started by a discussion on ‘Navigating the startup ecosystem’ to mail focus on the difficulties Entrepreneurs face while starting a venture. The

Here are five simple steps to become a successful freelance writer.

If you're interested in writing and You want to build your in Freelancing as a Freelancer writer, You need to have an excellent writing skills. But that's not enough to be a Freelancer, getting clients is also an important factor. However, there's no shortage of clients in the market but you need to offer them something that others can't offer. We've summed up some important steps to help you make a career as a freelancer writer : 1) Start somewhere Before getting hit, you've to start your

Here’s a look at who you need to fuel your aspirations.

If you'll talk to any successful Entrepreneurs regarding their success, then they'll tell u that the success​ didn't come due to him/her only. The success belongs to all the people working on their roles in the company. As the business extended, they hired people and started building contacts. Every Entrepreneur depends upon certain type of people for a particular work and if you're a wannabe successful Entrepreneur, here's is list of five companions you must have in your Enterprise to achieve

Inspiring stories from two of India’s greatest entrepreneurs

India has large no. Of Entrepreneurs who crafted their way and created a path breaking business and due to the huge success they got others followed​ them soon after. Here are some of those inspiring success stories that'll​ encourage you surely. 1) Arunachalam Muruganantham Arunachalam, a school drop-out who faced the anger of his family and society that broke him to the core. But lately, the same went on to do something new and introduced the safer, cheaper and disposable sanitary napkins

Here you can find ways to improve gender equality at your startup

Gender discrimination exists in a work place in many ways, it could be either hiring a specific gender for certain work or different pay scales for a same role of work. According to the 2016 Monster salary index, Women in India are paid 25% less than Men. This clearly indicates that gender discrimination still exists in some of the work places. Here are some steps a corporation can do to eradicate gender discrimination :1) No special privileges for a specific gender Special privileges

6 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark!

For an Entrepreneur, Learning is a never ending process. An Entrepreneur receives a lot of help with the data available on many websites related to their business. These websites helps young Entrepreneurs to strategize and to make plans for his startups accordingly.Here are some of the sites which provides Entrepreneurs with Information, planning and Techniques for a successful business ahead : 1) Founded by Shradha Sharma, this websites provides you exclusive tips &

Here are some business tips for Entrepreneurs.

As an Entrepreneur, You've created a path for yourself. A path with no GPS guidelines​ i.e You've to go on your own. Starting a venture isn't a easy job, it requires lot of motivation, effort and hard work. We've summed up some business tips that might help in your business path : 1) Stay Positive:- Starting a business isn't that easy as it looks, In the initial stages you might face lot of rejections. But don't lose faith in yourself so easily as it's very important to achieve your goals. Be

How Entrepreneurs can turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’

As an Entrepreneur, You'll have to face rejection many times. There's no other thought about it. From the very first step you might have to face 'No' that you'll start hating it. But, You don't have to loose hopes too early as if someone says No to you that doesn't mean you lost it completely. You can change their 'No' to 'Yes' and to Bring this change of mind is a challenging task, but it can be done only by trying and here are some steps you should follow :1) Address their concerns:- Once

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