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Have a look inside the Upwork Future Workforce Report, Companies Embracing Flexible Teams

According to a survey it is noted that In 2017 majority of companies are intended to hire more freelancers. This new report was  released by Upwork, a popular freelancing website. The study, entitled Future Workforce: How Companies Embrace Flexible Teams to Get Work Done. In 2016 one-third of freelancers were utilized by the companies but now this 55 Percent of Companies are planning to hire more. In our rapidly changing world companies are scrambling to adapt and keep up with the new ideas to

Tired of working for someone else’s Dreams, A new world awaits you.

In this digital world, technology is rising rapidly. Technology is giving innumerable opportunities to people to work from anywhere. More and more people are engaging in this world of technology and getting the most suitable jobs according to their knowledge and skills. People are choosing different types of work from home jobs. There are many national and international companies who are providing flexible work schedules to people and helping them to work in a seamless fashion. There are

How to find Data Entry Jobs to Work from Home ??

Data Entry jobs are the simplest jobs which people can do from home without facing any problem. Data entry jobs can be done by most of the people whether they are highly educated or not. These kind of jobs need a lot of experience, speed, and patience. Jobs like Data entry could empower anybody to work for himself, to master his own time, and to get the flexibility in overseeing power according to his ability. This job can be done by housewife, an unemployed or a resigned individual who is

Why students wants to work as a freelancer ??

When you hear this word freelancing, what comes into your mind. Some people thinks you are doing freelancing only because you are unable to get a “real” job.  Some people associate freelancing to unstable work flow and low earnings. Do you think the same? Are you hesitating to try out freelancing? If it is so, then this article is a must read for you. I am telling you 5 reasons why freelancing is great convincing enough. To Satisfy their Creative Desire:- May be a person is nothing but

Time to begin your freelancing career in India

These days freelancers have unlimited earning opportunities in India. But there is problem with all of us that we get confused at the very first stage. Every single person coming to this sector comes with lots of questions, doubts and insecurities etc.  It is a big question whether you would get a job or not or the earning will be sufficient or not? At the initial stage a lot of random thoughts will definitely haunt a freelancer. You no need to worry, we are always here to help you. You

All you need to know about Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is generally self-employed person who provide help by phone, fax, e-mail, or instant message. Virtual Assistant are independent contractors, they provide creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from home. To deliver services to purchasers globally virtual assistant uses technology like email, fax, skype and phone calls.  Any person with the minimum skills can try such kind of job.   Now the question arises why do people hire Virtual Assistants? This is