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Freelance Jobs for freshers in India

If you're a fresher and looking for that perfect job to start your career with, then you must be familiar with the rising unemployment in our country. The increase in job seekers isn't accompanied by the increase in Job vacancies which results in job seekers being unemployed. Apart from that, decreased labor participation of women is also a big problem in India. Though its good for country's economic state. Many employers are hesitant to hire women thus resulting in increased unemployment among

How to achieve success in creative careers??

The complexity of employment landscape​ is subdued in today's world. If you are to spend your next 30 years in a business line, it must be the sort of business you love to spend your time on. Therefore, making a right career choice is as important as choosing the right life partner. There's no established path or a trajectory to follow for achieving big successes, you've to mark a few boxes to pursue a creative career and be successful in it. Here are some ways to be successful in creative

How do you find freelance writing jobs for beginners?

Writing jobs sounds interesting. But the question arises “How can you work as a freelance writer? How do you find freelance writing jobs for beginners?. Finding freelance writing job is too easy now a days. We will guide to about these of kind of jobs. Today in this article you will find easy ways to find freelance writing jobs for freshers. Utilize freelancing platforms :- To start your career as a freelance writer, you must utilize freelance platforms. There are many freelance

Let’s talk about how you can be a work at home social media manager.

There are plenty of new fast moving social networks like, SnapChat, Instagram, Periscope, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You will be surprised to know that new entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners are struggling to keep up with social media. Because of this  the role of the work at home social media manager has exploded over the past few years. Hiring a social media manager means doing the online marketing of the business. With the help of social media expert one

How to earn money here is all you need to know ?

In this rapidly changing world the advent of modern technology and specifically online arena, working remotely has become far easier, safer and trendier. Most of the students elders, home makers and other people who desperately need money tend to choose online jobs. Most of people think they can do online jobs from the comfort of their homes only. They do not have to move from here to there. By doing online jobs one can get good amount and establish themselves as a working

What do you think which is better Freelance vs. 9 to 5 jobs ??

Getting good freelance part time job is not to easy. You have to keep struggling for several months to get a good freelance job. While doing  online freelance jobs, struggle and hard work is must. Some people may get stuck while they are doing full time jobs. Today in this article we will highlight some of the key points which will show difference between 9 to 5 jobs and freelancing . Time and Workplace In full time jobs you have to follow have to strictly follow the timings i.e 9 to 5 or