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This startup aids the e-commerce seller to sell seamlessly on the ecommerce portals – SellerGyan

Business can reach to great heights only if your product hits in the market and meets the requirements of the customers. Nowadays, its mandatory to enhance your reach to the market and most of the companies do so through the online web portals. However, the challenges faced by the online Sellers is lack of knowledge and communication with the public. One startup that is making life easier for the online sellers is 'Sellergyan'. Sellergyan assists the e-commerce sellers to work on their online

How to raise your fund for your startup ??

As an entrepreneur, it's a very important factor to you to raise funds for your startup as without proper funding, a startup can't progress at all. While starting your business, you must have thought of how you will raise funds for business. As it's considered as the fuel of the business, as it will allow you to go ahead in your business. Here are some tips which will surely help you in raising funds for your startup :  1) Self-funding your startup Self funding your business is the primary

How to start a start-up?

If you're a person with ideas and dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur, then here we're presenting some steps on how to start your business. 1) Write it down While you dream of starting a business, Pen down all your thoughts and ideas that you go through. So you can remember those important ideas and thoughts in initial stage of your startup. 2) See what is missing in the world You must find out what people are missing out from their life as for example, taxi rides weren't that comfortable

All You Need To Know About This Graphic Design Startup.

If you're planning to launch your own startup for graphic designing, You must take a look at 'Vectr'. Vectr was founded by two guys, one of them was a designer and other one was a software engineer. They both wanted to create a powerful cross platform for designing graphics, they worked on their project for 3 years and after the successful implementation they launched Vectr out of beta in September, 2016. The main idea behind Vectr was to create a design platform which will enable the full

Difference between working for a startup versus a corporate job

Humans are a bit complicated and utterly confused, they always look at their neighbor and think 'what if I could' type dilemma. Same way, corporate people continuously eye and feels jealous of their startup folks. While, People in the startup desperately wants to join the corporate job. On a Honest note, No one has it easy and you're going to have the same complaint on the other side of the boat also. Here are some differences which can surely help you choose between working for a startup

Govt launches Startup India Hub to make startups succeed.

India has the largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 3-5 startups being launched daily. To ensure that these startups succeed and To strengthen the startup system in our country, Govt. Has launched the startup Indian hub. It's a Virtual platform for all the Entrepreneurs in India to discover and interact with each other. The Launch event was started by a discussion on ‘Navigating the startup ecosystem’ to mail focus on the difficulties Entrepreneurs face while starting a venture. The