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Govt launches Startup India Hub to make startups succeed.

India has the largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 3-5 startups being launched daily. To ensure that these startups succeed and To strengthen the startup system in our country, Govt. Has launched the startup Indian hub. It's a Virtual platform for all the Entrepreneurs in India to discover and interact with each other.The Launch event was started by a discussion on ‘Navigating the startup ecosystem’ to mail focus on the difficulties Entrepreneurs face while starting a venture. The

Here you can find ways to improve gender equality at your startup

Gender discrimination exists in a work place in many ways, it could be either hiring a specific gender for certain work or different pay scales for a same role of work. According to the 2016 Monster salary index, Women in India are paid 25% less than Men. This clearly indicates that gender discrimination still exists in some of the work places. Here are some steps a corporation can do to eradicate gender discrimination :1) No special privileges for a specific gender Special privileges

Why do most of the startups fail?

Every time a startup fails, An analysis or a summary report needs to be conducted by the Market specialists so as to know what didn't work good. If you see hundreds of success stories, then you must go through the failures to learn from. Though there can be various factors resulting in the venture-failure.Here are some major factors which might take your startup to ground : 1) Not a unique product According to a research, a large number of startups fail because their products aren't able

12 stories every startup team must read.

Books are the great way to learn from. We can learn as much as we can. We can find a lot of information in books about startup companies. Startups are different from anything. I think that books tell the real stories with the successes, the failures and most importantly the mistakes. Today i am going to share with you a list of stories for everyone who are building a startup or are on the early team of one to read. These books are must read. From these books you can learn about marketing,

The ultimate startup hacks to boost productivity

Working in a startup isn't about fun and games, startup employees works hard constantly to mark their best step. As the main focus is Growth, they've to finish their to-do list in a short interval of time. The work environment is less formal and relaxed as compared to the MNC's, but employees at the startup have to work extremely hard to make their startup a big success. Here are few steps by which you can boost productivity of your startup:1) Make your office space decorative:- While having

20 quotes from Indian startup journeys.

The winner is not one with the best product, but with the first habit-building product. – Nir Eyal, Hooked. Once one understands the concept of permaculture and its diversity of application, there is great enthusiasm to take actions for a better India. – Padma Koppula, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. Renewable energy is here to stay. More so solar energy, which we have in abundance, and policy is supporting the growth of solar. – Ashok Jhunjhunwalla, IIT Madras Millets are not only