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Introducing difference between job vs business life.

Today in this article we are going to introduce you with the Difference Between Having A Job Vs. Having a Business. I think everyone needs to read and listen to this topic. A lot of people have no idea about their future, what they wants to do. They even don't know that there is a better way to produce income vs. going to a job every single day. Job:- You are not your own boss. In job, you waste your time for your company owner benefit. It is not secured for your life.

Difference between working for a startup versus a corporate job

Humans are a bit complicated and utterly confused, they always look at their neighbor and think 'what if I could' type dilemma. Same way, corporate people continuously eye and feels jealous of their startup folks. While, People in the startup desperately wants to join the corporate job. On a Honest note, No one has it easy and you're going to have the same complaint on the other side of the boat also. Here are some differences which can surely help you choose between working for a startup

4 Ways to turn your blog into a money-making venture

Blog monetization has gained momentum over the past few years, the line was was considered just as a part-time work for making money has now developed as a full fledged business. The only thing which is required is your passion for it, if you've passion for blogging, here are some ways which can turn your blog into money making venture : 1) Sponsorship:- If your blog attracts significant traffic, then you can choose to enlist sponsor for your blog. You can charge for hosting banner ads, links

Tweet to inspire: Follow these Twitter Accounts for your daily dose of motivation.

Social networking sites like Twitter have become the important part of our lives. At present, Twitter is the most preferred social platform for latest trends, news and follow-ups with a user base of around 319 million active and over 100 million daily users. The top business experts hailing from various organisations uses this platform to share game-changing plans, business ideas and motivational quotes. A large number of people uses Twitter to promote their brand value, and many even seek

7 Job Profiles That Will Pay You Higher By 2020

The job industry is expected to undergo many changes over the next few years. There will be certain occupations that will be completely kicked out and the world will witness several advanced job profiles. The progress in technology will show a uplift in certain careers, also in the sale packages of the individuals who are employed in those positions. Here are some job profiles that are likely to have a higher pay by 2020. 1) Ethical hacker:- Most companies hires them

6 Quick ways to make extra money that actually works.

All of us want extra cash, but not everyone of us want an another job or even have time for it. Whether you want to make money from home or you would rather earn that extra penny working out there in the world, there is always a way for it. So if you need a little help for putting some extra money in savings, we've put several ways for it. 1) Start your own blog:- The internet is filled with different kinds of blogs that are devoted to all kinds of topics. Many of them make a decent