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5 richest Superheros you must know

Today in this article we are going to introduce you with the 5 richest comic book characters. When it comes to the world of superheroes we get lost in reading about their adventures in comic books and television. The lives of these people is purely fantasy, they face so many problems. This is probably why comics make so much money and superheroes and villains are so popular. Black Panther Net Worth: $90 Trillion :- He is the first black superhero in mainstream American comic books. In

Inspiring Story Behind Multi Crore Brand Chhota Bheem

This is the motivational and inspiring story of the writer of the Chhota bheem. When Nidhi Anand was in ninth standard her parents encouraged her to be good in studies and set a goal for her future. Her parents wanted her to become a Chartered Accountant but Nidhi didn't argue. Her parents told that qualifying as a CA will get her a good life partner and her life will be perfect. For her parents Nidhi focused on clearing various levels of CA examinations and made it to the top 30 scorers. Her

You Won’t Believe How This Iconic Women Defeated Her Rapist Husband & Start Afresh

This inspiring story is of Zaaria Patni, who at the age of 19 got married to a man who was seven years elder to her. She thought she had met the love of her life but he turned out to be a devil. This story can be taken as a cautionary tale for every women out there. Young girls tie the knot for love or reasons known best to them, but not all weddings end in happy marriages. It all started when they went for their Honeymoon, where Zaaria wasn’t allowed to look anywhere but towards him, wasn’t

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