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Rajnikanth’s journey from being a conductor to becoming demi-god

One of the greatest actor of all time - Shivaji Rao Gaekwad now known to all of us as 'Rajinikanth' , Born on 12th December 1950, in a Marathi family. He started his career as a child artist in the hindi epic 'Mahabharata'. The youngest in four siblings, He was named after the Maratha king Chhatrapathi Shivaji. His family's​ financial conditions was poor, due to this he had to go through odd works like coolie, carpenter .etc. from very early age. While​ supporting his family financially, he

Tweet to inspire: Follow these Twitter Accounts for your daily dose of motivation.

Social networking sites like Twitter have become the important part of our lives. At present, Twitter is the most preferred social platform for latest trends, news and follow-ups with a user base of around 319 million active and over 100 million daily users. The top business experts hailing from various organisations uses this platform to share game-changing plans, business ideas and motivational quotes. A large number of people uses Twitter to promote their brand value, and many even seek

Let’s hear the inspiring story of world’s first billionaire writer .

J K Rowling - The woman behind the famous character ' Harry Potter '. This rags to riches success story of J K Rowling isn't less than a fairy tale story, but behind this enormous success, she had to suffer lot of pain and misery. Let's hear the inspiring story of world's first billionaire writer.. It all started with a train journey from Manchester to London in UK. Though it was a normal journey for all the passengers, but it wasn't a common journey for her. She saw a vision of a young boy

The Success Journey Of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani commonly known as Dhirubhai Ambani - the true story of a common man from rags to riches. Dhirubhai belongs to a Gujarati family and had that passion of being successful since early age, he moved to Yemen at a young age of 16 to work in 'A. Besse & co.' as a dispatch clerk. After working in the Middle-East he came back to India, where he founded the Reliance Commercial Corporation in partnership with Mr. Champaklal Ramani from whom he split up in 1965. Dhirubhai

Inspiring: A Perfect Rags To The Riches Tale Of Alibaba Founder.

This is a true story of a common man who redefines path of success. The man who failed in college entrance exams twice and went through a series of rejection is now one of the richest man in Asia. Unbelievable isn't it ? Well, we're talking about Jack Ma - the founder of Alibaba group, China's leading e-commerce company with a present net worth of $30 billion. Ma born in a traditional musician family when communism was at its peak. When he was young His family's financial condition wasn't good,

From Rs. 1,500 To Rs. 4,000 Crore- Story Of King Khan Of Bollywood.

Nobody could have imagined about his journey when he took​ train to Bombay in the late 1980's with just 1500 bucks in his pocket , with a dream of building a successful career in TV serials, yes ! He didn't even consider entering the movies. The only asset which he was having was his talent which placed him on a pedestal where one could only hear people chanting for KING KHAN. Besides many industries, Bollywood can give a strong financial status but yet it isn't that easy to become part of this

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