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From a Watchman’s Son to being a Top class Cricketer

Today in this article we are sharing a inspirational story of Mr. Ravindra Jadeja. Ravindra Jadeja was born in Navamgheda, Gujarat in 1988. His father Anirudh Singh was an watchman and his mother lata was a nurse. The financial situation of Jadeja's home was not enough to fulfill their dreams and wishes. They could only feed their stomaches but with his unconditional love for cricket, he proved it that cricket is above everything. His father always wanted him to be an Army officer while

Parisa Tabriz: An Inspiration to Millions of Dreams

Most of us know about Larry Page and Sundar Pichai but not many people are aware of Parisa Tabriz (The Security Princess). She is a computer security expert who works for Google as an Information Security Manager. She coined the title ‘Security Princess’ on her business card. She had become a unique job title as a woman in technology. In a Hi-tech company like Google where the woman often struggles to be on the top, Tabriz has become a role model. Ms. Tabriz heads a team of 30 high-end hackers

5 songs to motivate every entrepreneur

On the earth, music is the great way to lift ourselves up and get back on our feet. Music helps to boost your motivation so strongly that it keeps you on the ladder of success. It is an amazing thing. Today we are going to mention 5 songs that will surely lift your mood and push you to success. I know each person is different, has a different mindset, and therefore responds differently to the same songs. But we are just trying to help you guys. Hope you like it. Lose Yourself – Eminem To bring

4 Inspiring Success Stories For IPS Aspirants.

We always keep on criticizing policeman and officers that they are not performing their duties well. Although we all know that in our country corruption is spread in the roots of its administration but still there are some officers who are keeping the spirits high and because of that we can say proudly that honesty is still alive. Here I am going to share with you about some of those officers in our administrative system. B Chandrakala B Chandrakala is a Member of Indian Administrative

‘Bayiravi’ – An Inspiring Story of a Mother & an Entrepreneur

On this mother's day, we want to thank all the mom's out there. There are plenty of moms who have made a huge mark on the business world as well. But today we are sharing with you a inspiring story of a mom bayiravi mani who decided to convert her passion into a business. She was Born on March 10, 1983, Madras. Being a mother is a full time job and she runs her business also. When Bayiravi discovered baking, she had been an active participant of the event management team at Kingdom Of Dreams

Inspiring story of Mompreneurs who’re running successful business.

The concept of mother entrepreneurs ( Mompreneurs ) is emerging along with the entrepreneurship itself, Also mothers in India are gaining ground in every possible field and most of these women have gained the Experiences in the corporate world and feels the need to establish their own enterprise. So here we're sharing the inspiring story of Indian Mompreneurs who're running successful business along with their caring children : 1) MEENA BINDRA – BIBA APPARELS:- Way back in 1988, being a Navy

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