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From a tiny shop from Bikaner to an international brand with Rs 3,500 crore turnover.

A very well known Indian brand, which was once a tiny shop. This tiny shop gave birth to this famous business in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Today this brand is not only famous in India, But this brand is ruling in over 50 countries. Today i am going to tell you the success story of this famous Indian brand. You will be surprised to know that the success story this Indian brand is older than India's Independence. Gangabishan Agarwal opened a small store selling snacks in 1937. Gangabishan was

Inspiring Story of Starting Up World Famous Company FedEx

The success story which i am going to tell you fall into the category of a “must know”. This success story is of famous courier company Federal Express which was earlier known as Federal Express is the World’s largest airline cargo carrier. He was studying in Yale University. Fred Smith came with the idea of an overnight delivery service which was reliable. He had studied everything, he planned everything but unfortunately his professor was not very impressed with his idea and gave him a ‘C’ for

From selling door to door detergent to ‘Sabki Pasand Nirma’, Inspiring Success Story of Karsanbhai Patel

The well known detergent Nirma was started by Karsanbhai in 1969. This was the time when India's domestic detergent market had very few players, mainly multi national companies, which targeted India's affluent. At that time detergents were not affordable for middle class and poor people. In the beginning Karsanbhai used to sold detergent powder from door to door at Rs 3 per Kg. Karsanbhai used to make this detergent powder in the backyard of his house in Khokra near Ahmedabad. Karsanbhai

From being blind in one eye to winning hearts – Meet the real life ‘Baahubali’

Real life ‘Baahubali’ star Rana Daggubati says "His vision is impaired, but he does not let that affect him." The 32 year-old Rana Daggubati, who is a real life bahubali, has 18 movies in his kitty. After his big release, Baahubali – The Conclusion, Rana Daggubati is walking away from the limelight. He stints across the Tamil cinema, Telugu cinema, and Hindi movie industries. He is well known as Rana. He is an Indian film actor, producer, Visual Effects co-ordinator,and photographer. His work

Rajnikanth’s journey from being a conductor to becoming demi-god

One of the greatest actor of all time - Shivaji Rao Gaekwad now known to all of us as 'Rajinikanth' , Born on 12th December 1950, in a Marathi family. He started his career as a child artist in the hindi epic 'Mahabharata'. The youngest in four siblings, He was named after the Maratha king Chhatrapathi Shivaji. His family's​ financial conditions was poor, due to this he had to go through odd works like coolie, carpenter .etc. from very early age. While​ supporting his family financially, he

Tweet to inspire: Follow these Twitter Accounts for your daily dose of motivation.

Social networking sites like Twitter have become the important part of our lives. At present, Twitter is the most preferred social platform for latest trends, news and follow-ups with a user base of around 319 million active and over 100 million daily users. The top business experts hailing from various organisations uses this platform to share game-changing plans, business ideas and motivational quotes. A large number of people uses Twitter to promote their brand value, and many even seek