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Meet Ayaan Chawla, the youngest CEO of India, He started his first company at the age of 13

Nowadays, with many people have been linked to the startup fever. Students dropping out of school to start their own firm, likewise, Ayaan chawla's story is an inspiration to all of us who started his career at a young age of 13 and is the Youngest CEO in India. Born in Delhi, Ayaan's mother is a fashion designer. When he was 7, just like every other child he got himself a Computer and started exploring it. From video games to exploring video editing tools, Ayaan realized a rapil evolution of

Meet 106-year-old Grandma, Who’s slaying it on YouTube with her cooking skills.

The internet is a great platform nowadays to present your skills and talent to the world. Showcasing your talent on Platforms such as You tube, Blogs .etc. however, one can showcase his skills by making videos and uploading it to You tube. Probably, the oldest You tuber of India - Mastanamma from Andhra pradesh, having a great proficiency in cooking with almost 5 lakhs subscribers on her you tube channel. The channel named 'Country foods' being managed by her Grandson, where she is seen cooking

He is the No. 1 young entrepreneur in India, and will be felicitated by PM

In a small tea village named as Hope tea Garden in jalpaiguri, there was a young boy who traveled 108 kms of school by changing 3 modes of transportation. A young dreamer who believed in his ideas and skills and he knew that his ideas and dreams will definitely usher in his destiny. Mr. Amit Aggrawal - founder of Upcart, at present has been ranked as the best young Entrepreneur of India by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for his invention and will be awarded by the Prime

Inspiring stories from two of India’s greatest entrepreneurs

India has large no. Of Entrepreneurs who crafted their way and created a path breaking business and due to the huge success they got others followed​ them soon after. Here are some of those inspiring success stories that'll​ encourage you surely. 1) Arunachalam Muruganantham Arunachalam, a school drop-out who faced the anger of his family and society that broke him to the core. But lately, the same went on to do something new and introduced the safer, cheaper and disposable sanitary napkins

4 Oscar-nominated movies that entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from

Movies has the power to drive, inspire, and influence its audience. The characters depicting their lives through a screen. Some movies are directed at entertainment, entertainment, and more entertainment while some movies carry strong and relevant messages. Today, we can see that more people are engaging towards startups and entrepreneurship. This rise is due to the movies which portray the same. In 1941 Academy Awards Citizen Kane was nominated for the Best Picture. Today in our this article

From a Watchman’s Son to being a Top class Cricketer

Today in this article we are sharing a inspirational story of Mr. Ravindra Jadeja. Ravindra Jadeja was born in Navamgheda, Gujarat in 1988. His father Anirudh Singh was an watchman and his mother lata was a nurse. The financial situation of Jadeja's home was not enough to fulfill their dreams and wishes. They could only feed their stomaches but with his unconditional love for cricket, he proved it that cricket is above everything. His father always wanted him to be an Army officer while