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GST Rules for Freelancers, Bloggers and Digital Marketers in India.

GST has changed the overall scenario of business for businessman as well as freelancers. Many online entrepreneurs were shutting down their business because of GST complexities. A freelancer who is earning one lakh per year can't afford a C.A to keep GST compliance.  Now Government has amended certain rules to help startup level entrepreneurs. Exemption from GST registration if aggregate turnover is less than 20 Lakh per year (10L for special states). 20L exemption rule is

Freelance Jobs for freshers in India

If you're a fresher and looking for that perfect job to start your career with, then you must be familiar with the rising unemployment in our country. The increase in job seekers isn't accompanied by the increase in Job vacancies which results in job seekers being unemployed. Apart from that, decreased labor participation of women is also a big problem in India. Though its good for country's economic state. Many employers are hesitant to hire women thus resulting in increased unemployment among

5 things to help you Increase Profits as Online Freelancer

As an online freelancer, if you're working for a quite long time and you want an increment in your salary and you think you're not earning as much as you expected. Online freelancing, isn't that much profitable as they thinks and choose to quit their work. However, There are some ways that you need to look upon to make your freelancing work more profitable. Here are some of those factors which can make your freelancing profitable: 1) Work Experience Your work experience matters a lot. But if

Online Data Entry Jobs – A Quicker Method to Earn Money Online

If you wanna earn some money while sitting comfortably in your home, Online data entry jobs is the simplest and easiest way to earn money Online. There are various companies which provides online jobs as they want to convert their documents in or other type of backlogs in PDF files or replace them into a word file or excel document. For this purpose, they need skilled person who can manually completer their documents into their database online. However, it's not a easy task as it requires full

Here are five simple steps to become a successful freelance writer.

If you're interested in writing and You want to build your in Freelancing as a Freelancer writer, You need to have an excellent writing skills. But that's not enough to be a Freelancer, getting clients is also an important factor. However, there's no shortage of clients in the market but you need to offer them something that others can't offer. We've summed up some important steps to help you make a career as a freelancer writer : 1) Start somewhere Before getting hit, you've to start your

The 4 Most Lucrative Freelance Professions in India

In developing countries like India the scope of freelancing is running high. In last few months the number of freelancers in the country has peaked. Now a days there are many profession which are in demand for freelancers in India. People are increasingly diversifying their income streams and saving channels. They are shifting their careers towards entrepreneurship and self-employment. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the most lucrative freelance professions in India.