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6 documentaries every aspiring entrepreneurs must watch

As an entrepreneur, you're in a constant search of new ways to grow your business. The TV's and and cinemas​ has the vast caches of business and tech documentaries that you can watch instantly. Here are the best documentaries that every entrepreneurs must watch, 1) This documentary has now become a reference on how not to do things, including why almost $50 million investment in a business doesn't guarantee you success. Follow the two Harvard graduates and observe the fall and

6 Top Movies Must Watch For An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur isn't a easy task. when times are tough, your business isn't at that progress what you​ expected then you may feel low eventually. Just take a break and look for so much needed motivation. And what's better way to find inspiration than watching movies ? Cinema has always been and will continue to be that inspirational source for many people around the world. Here are some of the best inspirational movies for an entrepreneur: 1) A 2001 documentary

5 Misconceptions And Myths About Being An Entrepreneur

You all probably must have came to know about many successful Entrepreneurs. The life of an entrepreneur might seem luxurious and fully filled of glamour. There are lot of myths about the entrepreneurs that you might wanna consider of you're planning to start a business. 1) Entrepreneurs are giant risk takers :- Many people strikes out on their own and that's the biggest risk they take without anyone's support. They're not gamblers who step in with no preparation, rather they're​ logical

From Rs. 1,500 To Rs. 4,000 Crore- Story Of King Khan Of Bollywood.

Nobody could have imagined about his journey when he took​ train to Bombay in the late 1980's with just 1500 bucks in his pocket , with a dream of building a successful career in TV serials, yes ! He didn't even consider entering the movies. The only asset which he was having was his talent which placed him on a pedestal where one could only hear people chanting for KING KHAN. Besides many industries, Bollywood can give a strong financial status but yet it isn't that easy to become part of this

5 Reasons Why Women Are Better And Successful Entrepreneurs Than Men

Women comprises of about 30% of Senior management in Corporate world. Latest research reveals that a woman is less likely to fail while setting up a business than men. So, why are women doing a better job in startup of a business than male counterparts ? Here are some of the major reasons that answers this question : 1) Women are better risk takers. If we look at the statistics, 87% of women entrepreneurs see themselves as risk takers compared to 87% of the men. While these female

6 Tips For Startups

You don't need a decade of experience to launch an Enterprise. Millennial Entrepreneurs are making a huge impact in various industries like Tech, finance, fashion .etc. In the past recent years, We've seen a lot of rise in Entrepreneur's mindset in India. The new generation have overcome all the negative notions and have proved themselves in all steps of life including the cumbersome world of Entrepreneurship. So, we've summed up the major 6 tips for today's young Entrepreneurs : 1) Find