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Inspiring story of Mompreneurs who’re running successful business.

The concept of mother entrepreneurs ( Mompreneurs ) is emerging along with the entrepreneurship itself, Also mothers in India are gaining ground in every possible field and most of these women have gained the Experiences in the corporate world and feels the need to establish their own enterprise. So here we're sharing the inspiring story of Indian Mompreneurs who're running successful business along with their caring children : 1) MEENA BINDRA – BIBA APPARELS:- Way back in 1988, being a Navy

From selling door to door detergent to ‘Sabki Pasand Nirma’, Inspiring Success Story of Karsanbhai Patel

The well known detergent Nirma was started by Karsanbhai in 1969. This was the time when India's domestic detergent market had very few players, mainly multi national companies, which targeted India's affluent. At that time detergents were not affordable for middle class and poor people. In the beginning Karsanbhai used to sold detergent powder from door to door at Rs 3 per Kg. Karsanbhai used to make this detergent powder in the backyard of his house in Khokra near Ahmedabad. Karsanbhai

Principles of Success, Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt

Principles are the set of guidelines everyone must follow in every aspect of their life. But unfortunately, principles are considered as backdated terms in today's world. Instant solutions, immediate requirements, and instant techniques are running the wagon wheels of today's generation. However, if a good thing has been cast out of the existence, doesn't mean one should seeking it. As without following principles, we're doomed. So here are some principles as an entrepreneur you need to adopt

Entrepreneur need to master certain key human skills, five of which are detailed below.

Most professions require mastery in the academic and technical skills for a person working in a particular field to succeed, if they lack in some skills than they can compensate it by being good in what they usually do. Though in case of Entrepreneurs, they need to be good in knowledge of the field of their business, but that's not gonna guarantee their success. Entrepreneurs need to interact with their​ employees, clients , investors .etc. thats why they need to master these five human key

From bold characters to clutter-breaking content, Ekta Kapoor launched ‘ALT Balaji Application’

The daily soap queen, film producer, Joint managing director and creative director of Balaji Telefilms - Ekta Kapoor along with her whole team of Balaji Telefilms has now recently launched her application named as ' ALT Balaji application ' out here in Delhi. Along with her, celebrities from the Bollywood were also present on the launch such as Rajkumar Rao, Nimrat Kaur, Nagesh Kukunoor with Television's famous actors Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. The team of  Balaji house were also there to

How to expand the business in the midst of global change??

As an entrepreneur, if you want to enhance growth of your organisation then you need to hire the best and the brightest talents. The tech evolution in today's world has resulted in people finding latest ways to lead the modern days workload. The transformation in technology the type of work done across all the business sectors and It's giving birth to new generation work people who can think and act differently from those who lead them. Here are top 5 tips for enhancing your business.

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