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How startups can beat big companies ??

The startup entrepreneurs often faces tough competition from many corporate giants and most of the times, startups clashes with the giants, the giants wins. It's not like the startups fails to provide quality products and services but the big companies already have their large no. of employees and a huge customer base settled up. But just because startups can't compete with these big brands, it doesn't means the aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn't begin their startups. Here are some ways by which

From bold characters to clutter-breaking content, Ekta Kapoor launched ‘ALT Balaji Application’

The daily soap queen, film producer, Joint managing director and creative director of Balaji Telefilms - Ekta Kapoor along with her whole team of Balaji Telefilms has now recently launched her application named as ' ALT Balaji application ' out here in Delhi. Along with her, celebrities from the Bollywood were also present on the launch such as Rajkumar Rao, Nimrat Kaur, Nagesh Kukunoor with Television's famous actors Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. The team of  Balaji house were also there to

How to improve the quality of your meetings ??

As an associate, There must be various numbers of meetings in the office and you may wonder why so many meetings can't provide you productive outcomes. Could it be your way of handling the groups and meeting isn't working right ? If its so, here are some ways to enhance quality of meetings. [caption id="attachment_967" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Business People Having Board Meeting In Modern Office[/caption] 1) Share a new skill:- Set some time aside during the meeting to introduce a

How to expand the business in the midst of global change??

As an entrepreneur, if you want to enhance growth of your organisation then you need to hire the best and the brightest talents. The tech evolution in today's world has resulted in people finding latest ways to lead the modern days workload. The transformation in technology the type of work done across all the business sectors and It's giving birth to new generation work people who can think and act differently from those who lead them. Here are top 5 tips for enhancing your business.

How To achieve Work-Life balance as an Entrepreneur

Work life balance simply means a proper balance between your work life and personal life. One needs to contribute equal time and priorities to both work and personal lives to achieve a healthy work-life balance. When your day starts , the business goals are tasks are all that come in your mind and before you go to sleepy, you think about what you accomplished today ! Realistically, your business can only provide you the wealth but in fact money can't replace relationships and life's

Let’s hear the inspiring story of world’s first billionaire writer .

J K Rowling - The woman behind the famous character ' Harry Potter '. This rags to riches success story of J K Rowling isn't less than a fairy tale story, but behind this enormous success, she had to suffer lot of pain and misery. Let's hear the inspiring story of world's first billionaire writer.. It all started with a train journey from Manchester to London in UK. Though it was a normal journey for all the passengers, but it wasn't a common journey for her. She saw a vision of a young boy