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Top 10 HABITS of Successful ENTREPRENEURS..

Every entrepreneur need to turn a few critical task into daily habits to be successful in their career. We bring a set of 10 habits for you, that will help you to keep your business to move high. These qualities can be turned into daily habits to ensure success. Have a clear, well defined mission:- To get success, you have to identify your higher purpose and passion and take that to the market place. Build a winning team:- Be slow to higher quick definer. Never hire out of

Why is a business plan important & who should write it?

Do you know what is a business plan. If u don't know i will introduce you about the business plan. If you are starting your business in this year, then a business plan is must for your business. Business plan is a written guide that details the startup and the future direction of your company. Business plans are inherently strategic. The business plan must be written by the entrepreneur as no one else knows about your business ideas and goals better. To attain goals of a business, it is

Great small business ideas for college students

Looking to start up your own small business but not sure what you want to do yet. Get these 10 great small business ideas for college students that require a little start up capital and offer the freedom. Jute bag making:- Jute is a bio-degradable and eco-friendly item. Designer jute bag has very high market demand and export potential also. Online T-shirt Store :- The t-shirt is a well known casual wear popular among the men, women and kids. Yoga Studio :- Yoga studio business in

Do you want to start home based business? then, consider these thing.

If you are serious about the idea making money from home based business, then today in this article we will focus on the steps to start home based business. Evaluate your talents:- Keep in mind there is a huge difference between talent and things you enjoy. Just because you enjoy something does not mean you can turn it into a business. Assess your financing needs:- For starting a business from home can be more affordable. When starting a traditional business you still need money to

How to launch a new profitable business in just 10 days ??

Trying to start a business and make it profitable in a matter of weeks sounds impossible. But it can be done, as the word impossible itself says that i am possible. In fact we have condensed the process into 10 intense highly focused days. Follow these steps to start a profitable business in just 10 days and become a successful businessman. Day 1 :- Draw up a business plan- Whether written on the back of a napkin or a highly detailed 25-page document, a business plan is critical for

From Beauty Pageants to Entrepreneurship, These Ladies Define ‘Beauty With Brains’

There are plenty of successful Indian ladies who prove that 'Beauty with Brains’ phrase truly sums up their persona in their own way. Every year , India’s biggest beauty pageant ‘Femina Miss India’ crowned three beautiful ladies who carry an extra ordinary potential in themselves gives nation a pleasant pride. Among them there are many beauties who candidly define that this crown is not just to win a beauty contest, but to empower generations to cope up with their work. Today we will pride to