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6 Tips For Startups

You don't need a decade of experience to launch an Enterprise. Millennial Entrepreneurs are making a huge impact in various industries like Tech, finance, fashion .etc. In the past recent years, We've seen a lot of rise in Entrepreneur's mindset in India. The new generation have overcome all the negative notions and have proved themselves in all steps of life including the cumbersome world of Entrepreneurship. So, we've summed up the major 6 tips for today's young Entrepreneurs : 1) Find

5 Ways to keep Yourself Motivated While Unemployed.

There's nothing easy about being unemployed. It is stressful and it completely broke your self confidence and takes away any feeling of financial stability that once you had. The longer the unemployment stays, more it feels like it's going to make you crazy. However, there are many things that can make you feel positive even when you're unemployed. We've got some major tips for you to stay motivated. 1) Stay positive and keep moving:-  The very first thing to keep in mind is your enthusiasm

Innovative Enterprises Who Changed Our Way Of Life.

If there is one word that has revolutionized world in last decade as so, it's Innovation. Innovation is something that most companies strive to achieve, and most customers look for before buying a product. In fact, Every upcoming week we are introduced to some revolutionaries concepts and technology. While some have the capability to go on and make it big while others are reduced to fallback on the sideways. Well, to strive in such a competitive environment, Enterprises have to constantly points

5 Qualities that make you Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are some of the most multi-talented and diverse people. An entrepreneur exercises initiative by organizing a venture and decides how much of a goods or services will be produced. An Entrepreneur sails in the different boats - he is a project manager, a risk taker , an accountant, a marketer and a risk taking man. The truth is Entrepreneur need to have a certain set of qualities in order to be successful. They also need to have certain other qualities and characteristics as well as

Story Of A Common Ice-Candy Seller, From 13000 To 8000 Cr.

Beginning from his childhood, in the Thiruthangal village of Sivakasi of Tamil Nadu. Though his childhood was also same as the other millions in the state, survival in those conditions was the biggest question ! Elimination of all luxuries including education was their only choice. Though quitting school was merely a difference for his as he wasn't a regular attendee but his family survival was one of the important responsibilities he couldn't​ have skipped. As having no Source of income the

Know Why The Next Gen Baniyas Are Dominating The Startup Space.

The word 'baniya' comes from the Sanskrit 'vanik' which is derived from 'vanijya' which simply means Trade. Baniyas are predominantly a merchant caste. They can be found in both Hindu and Jain community in whole north, Central and west India. Baniyas are very sharp on focussing the thrift and are also very sharp when it comes to the accounting side. From Mukesh Ambani of Reliance to Bansal Brothers from Flipkart, Baniya community​ simply dominates the business world. It's a well known fact