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Top 10 Richest People in the World 2017

 Bill Gates:- He lives in US. Bill Gates founded the world's largest software business, Microsoft, with Paul Allen, and subsequently became one of the richest men in the world. Now he is 60 Years Old and His Net Worth is £70.8 billion ($91.9 billion). Jeff Bezos:- He lives in US. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the world's largest online shopping retailer Amazon. Now he is 52 Years Old and His Net Worth is £61.8 billion ($80.22 billion). Warren Buffett:- He lives in US. He is the

5 songs to motivate every entrepreneur

On the earth, music is the great way to lift ourselves up and get back on our feet. Music helps to boost your motivation so strongly that it keeps you on the ladder of success. It is an amazing thing. Today we are going to mention 5 songs that will surely lift your mood and push you to success. I know each person is different, has a different mindset, and therefore responds differently to the same songs. But we are just trying to help you guys. Hope you like it. Lose Yourself – Eminem To bring

Here’s a list of GST rates being applied to every common man’s item

Today in this article we are showing you an overview of all the goods and services that a common man normally avails of, and how they will be charged July 1 onward. Goods 1. In the GST-exempt category:  Unpackaged, unprocessed and unbranded meat and offal of animals like swine, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules or hinnies, etc. Fresh or pasteurised milk, separated milk, milk and cream, not concentrated nor containing added sugar or other sweetening matter (except for ultra high

4 Ways to turn your blog into a money-making venture

Blog monetization has gained momentum over the past few years, the line was was considered just as a part-time work for making money has now developed as a full fledged business. The only thing which is required is your passion for it, if you've passion for blogging, here are some ways which can turn your blog into money making venture : 1) Sponsorship:- If your blog attracts significant traffic, then you can choose to enlist sponsor for your blog. You can charge for hosting banner ads, links

To become rich and successful, you should avoid these from your lifestyle.

We've read many times how successful people stay successful as a result of their good principles and habits. While it's necessary to know what to do, it's also important to know what not to do to become successful. They moved out of their comfort zone and pushes their potential to extreme level. So to become successful, there are some things to remember ! However, we've shortlisted some things from your lifestyle you should avoid to be rich and successful : 1) Not being persistent:- Their is

As an entrepreneur, you should use these impressive tools

Being an entrepreneur isn't that easy as it looks, You've all the responsibilities right from the initial stage to its growth. However, dealing with so much of work is challenging and can be stressful as well. That's why the need of different tools rises and today's technology and various softwares makes the entrepreneur's work much more simpler and faster. Therefore, here are some impressive tools that'll help in enhancing overall productivity of your business : 1) Project Management a)

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