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The Importance of Social Media for All Entrepreneurs

If you're an struggling Entrepreneur, it's important for you to use the social media platform as a benefit to your business. Billions of people are active on social media and it's been used worldwide as it allows people to connect with each other. Same way, social media has immense no. Of opportunities for Entrepreneurs also, as to connect with the customers in a very less time. Big MNC's marked their success by using the social media to market their business. Here are some factors by which

Why some of the best entrepreneurs are Night owls ??

Today, world has got themselves in a big hurry and they run each other over on the roads to reach the office at right time and they watch the clock impatiently till it strikes 6, following which they shut their work and go to their respective homes. However, studies have proven that those who utilizes their midnight time are more successful than those wake up at crack of dawn. Here are some reasons why some of the best entrepreneurs are Night owls : 1) The world is asleep Ask as many

Will be switching to GST regulation from June 30 midnight.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be introduced to the country at the midnight of 30th June in the central hall of The Parliament. Finance Minister - Arun Jaitley told the press conference that President Pranab Mukherjee, Vice President Hamid Ansari, PM Narendra Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh and H.D. Deve Gowda will be present during the launch of GST.“GST switch-over will happen from June 30 midnight. Late on June 30, a programme will be organised in the Central Hall where all

Govt launches Startup India Hub to make startups succeed.

India has the largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 3-5 startups being launched daily. To ensure that these startups succeed and To strengthen the startup system in our country, Govt. Has launched the startup Indian hub. It's a Virtual platform for all the Entrepreneurs in India to discover and interact with each other.The Launch event was started by a discussion on ‘Navigating the startup ecosystem’ to mail focus on the difficulties Entrepreneurs face while starting a venture. The

Here are five simple steps to become a successful freelance writer.

If you're interested in writing and You want to build your in Freelancing as a Freelancer writer, You need to have an excellent writing skills. But that's not enough to be a Freelancer, getting clients is also an important factor. However, there's no shortage of clients in the market but you need to offer them something that others can't offer. We've summed up some important steps to help you make a career as a freelancer writer : 1) Start somewhere Before getting hit, you've to start your

Here’s a look at who you need to fuel your aspirations.

If you'll talk to any successful Entrepreneurs regarding their success, then they'll tell u that the success​ didn't come due to him/her only. The success belongs to all the people working on their roles in the company. As the business extended, they hired people and started building contacts. Every Entrepreneur depends upon certain type of people for a particular work and if you're a wannabe successful Entrepreneur, here's is list of five companions you must have in your Enterprise to achieve

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