From Been to Cafe Coffee Day, Inspiring story of V.G Siddhartha.

CCD very popular among youth as cafe coffee day. CCD is a part of Coffee day global limited. It is most favorite hangout of people for better conversation and feels like home. It is that chain of coffee which has an integrated bond among the India and also in some foreign countries. CCD is been founded by a person who is less famous by his name V.G Siddhartha. 
He started his first cafe in 1996 at Brigade Road in Bangalore. His journey starts from growing coffee to building up a cafe which is today’s most common chill-out place of youth for enjoying with friends, doing party and most importantly for reducing stress. He started his (ABC) Amalgamated Bean Company in 1993 which now has an annual turnover of Rs. 25 Billion. He grows 12,000 acres of coffee plantation. He grows coffee in chikmagalur and exports about 28,000 tonnes of coffee annually and sells another 2000 tonnes locally for about Rs. 350 million each year.
Siddhartha was awarded the Entrepreneur of the year title in 2003 by the economic times for crafting a successful pan Indian brand for a commodity business and giving Indian consumer a new lifestyle experience that is within reach of common man. CCD also present in Australia, Czech republic,  Malaysia. So, if you ever go to these countries and want to get a taste from back home then do stop at CCD.
Amalgamated Bean trading company limited is the largest exporter of green coffee from India to many parts of Asia. Siddhartha also founded Global Technology Ventures Ltd. in 2000, a company that identifies, invests and mentors Indian companies engaged in cutting edge technologies. Also He has planted banana trees on 3,000 acres (1,214)and plans to export bananas.
Today with the great success Cafe Coffee Day also holds multiple divisions which include:
• Coffee Day Fresh ‘n’ Ground
• Coffee Day Square
• Coffee Day Xpress
• Coffee Day Beverages
• Coffee Day Exports
• Coffee Day Perfect
• Coffee Day B2C Plant


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