6 global celebrities who are now successful entrepreneurs

There are many celebrities globally who are following their passion and became successful entrepreneurs. Today we listing below few popular celebrities who have managed to stick to their companies and made it bigger over a course of time.
  • Kate Walsh: She is a successful womenpreneur who owns a beauty product company called Boyfriend LLC. This company manufactures a wide range of fragrances, oils and creams which can be bought on the website as well as in select Sephora stores. Kate had worked on many popular movies like Perks of Being a Wallflower. She has also appeared on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Sandra Bullock: She is a perfect womenpreneur as she runs a popular production house called Fortis Films. This production house has produced high grossing movies like Miss Congeniality. Apart from this she is also the owner of a restaurant in Texas called Bess Bistro and a bakery called Walton’s Fancy and Staple.
  • Clint Eastwood: He is a great celebrity as well as an entrepreneur. His net worth is approximately $400 million. He is a owner of Mission Ranch Hotel and restaurant along with the very popular Tehàma Golf Club which he looks after with utmost passion. 
  • Jennifer Aniston: She is a successful co-owner of a hair care company called Living Proof. This brand aims to simplify hair care for both men and women. This successful brand sold across 1000 locations. It was founded by biotech scientists in MIT, Cambridge.
  • Chris Noth: He is a dedicated entrepreneur. He owns Cutting Room which is a popular nightclub and restaurant. Before this venture, he was the co-owner for The Plumm, another popular night club and Once Upon a Tea Cup, a tea party themed restaurant.
  • Kathy Ireland: She owns a big association sock line with Kmart in ’93. With the growing success of her sock line, she founded Kathy Ireland Worldwide which sells apparel, garden equipment’s, furniture and home decor. Her net worth is over $350 million because of all her entrepreneurial ventures.


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