Introducing difference between job vs business life.

Today in this article we are going to introduce you with the Difference Between Having A Job Vs. Having a Business. I think everyone needs to read and listen to this topic. A lot of people have no idea about their future, what they wants to do. They even don’t know that there is a better way to produce income vs. going to a job every single day.


  • You are not your own boss.
  • In job, you waste your time for your company owner benefit.
  • It is not secured for your life.
  • You can’t get satisfaction in your job.
  • In this you may face payment problems.
  • In job, there is limited career growth.
  • It helps in fulfilling small dreams.
  • While doing job, you won’t get family time.
  • In job, sometimes you feel like fucked up.
  • You can’t travel the whole world while in job.


  • You will get freedom and be your own boss.
  •  In Business you invest your time for your future generation.
  • It is a secured life for your life.
  • In this you will be secured and satisfied on mental grounds.
  • There is less payment problems in business.
  • In business, there is high career growth.
  • It helps in fulfilling big dreams again and again.
  • While in business, one will get good amount of family time.
  • In this, you will feel like responsible person.
  • A businessman can travel any place in the world at any time.
Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck.”
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