List of few known methods of online promotion to promote your startup.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and want to make your startup a big success, then you’ve to promote it well. As promotion and advertisements of a newly launched startup plays a huge role in making it popular among people and it can be done by going through a lot of meetings .etc.
Here are some ways to promote your startup online :

1) Give-aways:

It will be very simple but powerful e-book that you can design in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then convert it PDF file. Place this e-book into your site’s front page with a simple signup that takes Name, email id and contact no. And link this to your email marketing app.

2) Your own product

You can attract more people with your own product like by asking your audience to refer to their friends & families and get rewarded for each referrals.

3) Run contests on social media

You can create a public event on social media platforms by the name of your product like a quick contest that gives a reward to every winner. This could be a very effective way to attract more people get to know about your startup.

4) Get Listed

There are several products and startup listings that provides the knowledge and information about various startups and their products. Get your startup listed their on top, so your startup will also come in search results when someone will search for a specific products or services.

5) Meetups and Sponsorship

Always be present in startup meets and their public events. You can find your target audiences, sponser some events and an investment of relatively small amount will provide you your target audience in the same room of the event which will make your startup more popular.

6) Reach out to journalists/bloggers

If you’ve some contacts, reach out to journalists as a content generator to make a great network of yours. By providing them stories that makes perfect sense with your startup consistently, You’ll get a space of line or two for your startup for sure.


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