8th Failed boy became multi-millionaire at the age of 21, Success story of Trishneet Arora.

Now a days a name Trishneet Arora has gone viral on internet. He has proved himself as a role model for Indian children by the modern parents of India. Most of the Indian Youths call him “Mark Zuckerberg of India”. This agile brain is a global icon now. He was born on November 2, 1993 in Ludhiyana of Punjab, India. His life was normal until his father bought him a computer. He discovered his appetite for technology while surfing and exploring the web.
He was not good in academics, so one day he got failed in 8th class. His parents got angry and his friends laughed on him. His interest was so deep in computer processing. Whenever his computer crashed and an expert was called for, he closely observe the repairs done and start exploring computer hardware as well. He started reading international books written on hacking. Over years, he gained a strong grip over computer and earned adequate knowledge in this field.
“I was always keen to understand more about computer hardware and software too. Practice makes a man perfect and that’s exactly what happened with me. I will not say I was perfect but playing with the hardware and software of the computers gave me the confidence that I can pursue this field for a career,” he says.
When most of the 18 years old students were unsure about their career goals, at that time Trishneet arora has no time to waste. At the age of 21 he manages his own IT Company, Trishneet Arora Cyber Security Solution from his Basant avenue residence. He gives security to Reliance, Amul, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police etc. And that is not all that keeps this young entrepreneur busy. Before he turned 22, he had already written 3 books namely Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora, The Hacking Era and Hacking With Smart Phones. Whoever reads his books, got shocked of his knowledge in this field at such a young age.
He also wrote a book which is an attempt to empower people with the awareness of hacking. So that people can guard their online presence against criminals hackers. The name of his book is “Voice of hackers”.
While writing this book Trishneet shares his words as “My first blog was blocked and I started to blog about Ethical Hacking. Blogging developed in me a love for writing and I started penning “Voice of hackers” in August 2011. I had an amazing time while writing this book.




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