Some super-successful ideas which were once termed as stupid and waste of time.

All the revolutionary ideas that people came up with were once termed as stupid and waste of time. But the person who came up with those ideas believed in them and later on those ideas became a huge success and replied with its success to all those who discouraged them by calling it stupid waste.
Here are some of those ideas that some people developed but were once termed as waste ;
1) Thomas Edison’s teachers once said, “he is stupid to learn anything.” He was also fired from his job for being unproductive. In his attempt of making light bulb, he failed 1000 times but he never gave up and met success later on and made his idea work on.
2) Alexander Graham bell also had to face some struggle in his initial stage of making a telephone. When he met with a company with his ideas, they replied – “What use could this company make of an electrical toy?” But he didn’t gave up and developed Telephone that’s huge hit as we all know.
3) When Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp came up with the idea of UBER, both of them were criticized to that extent that they were called a fraud with full of crap and stupid ideas. But they didn’t give up and decided to develop their ideas and later came up with a Tech based Taxi service named UBER. When their idea met success, they launched UBER globally in different cities of various countries. At present, UBER is the top leaders of taxi services globally.
4) When Pinterest was in development mode, during the fundraising they faced a lot of rejection from the people who said that this idea won’t work at all as it’s just a system of bookmarking. But the developers didn’t give up and somehow managed and launched Pinterest and after sometime it became a hit and raised so much of money.
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