Top travel startups in India which have gained popularity.

People around the world loves to travel and there’s no reason to be curious why travel industry in India is rapidly increasing at a ultra fast speed. Also the startups in the traveling sector are also increasing tremendously due to the vast business scope.
Here are some travel startups which has gained immense popularity :

1) Tripoto

Founded by Anirudh Gupta and Michael Lyngdog in 2013, Tripoto is the one place that provides you with different travel options around the world. Tripoto has collections of various user’s traveling experiences about the places and recommendations from the travel experts.

2) Tripvillas

Founded by Roshan D’Silva in 2009, Tripvillas is a website that provides you with the western concept of homestay instead of staying at any hotels or resorts at various places. Travelers simply needs to register themselves and to connect with the like-minded they’d like to stay with.

3) Padhaaro

Founded by Ish Jindal in 2012, It’s an marketplace which helps foreign tourists to connect easily with the local peoples. It provides the travelers with guides to assist & brief them about the places on the go and introduces them with the local flavors of the places like traditional clothing, foods .etc.

4) GoMowgli

Founded by Sunil Abhilash, Anil Alur, and Karan Cariappa in 2013, GoMowgli offers India’s first hop-in and hop-off bus mainly for the foreign travelers. The travelers can opt to stay wherever they wants and the bus pass it offers remains valid for the 60 days so that the foreign tourists can make changes in their itinerary.

5) Routofy

Founded by Abhishek Aggarwal and Ronak Gupta in the late 2015, Routofy offers the travelers with the option of booking buses, flights & trains for their travelling according to their choice between any of the places at a very cheap rate. For its brilliant concept and popularity, Routofy was backed up by Snapdeal financially.
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