Few cyber-security measures that every start-up should take to prevent any cyber attack

If you’re an entrepreneur, then cyber security must matter a lot to you as a little bit of breach in your security can cost you a lot. Cyber security simply means the protection of your company’s data and confidential information. However, by taking preventive measures, you can easily stop these cyber attacks against you.
Here are some of the steps and measures that every startup must follow to prevent any cyber attack ;

1) Secure the WiFi

Many startups and companies uses WEP Security Wired Equivalent Privacy) for its networks which can be easily hacked by the cyber attackers. Instead, companies should use WPA 2 PSK Security (WiFi Protected Access version 2, Pre Shared Key) which makes your networks completely safe. You can do this by hiring an IT guy or Team for handling the security and IT work of your company.

2) Be cautious while setting passwords

Always make sure that you create a strong password that none can guess and make it WPA 2 secured so that any hacker won’t be able to hack into your system. Use a strong combination of letters and numbers that can’t be guessed also avoid using same passwords for all of your accounts.

3) Train your staff to fight cyber security breaches

It’s really important to train your staff people to handle the cyber security as they also work with your company’s systems. Brief them about the company’s policies and procedures while handling the business info. And deals. Ask them to be aware all the time so as to detect any suspicious cyber activity.

4) A reliable anti-virus system is a must

A trustworthy and safe antivirus is mandatory for your company’s systems & networks. An antivirus can protect your account’s confidential data information from any kind of attacks as it detects them at their initial stage of entering into the systems. Antivirus also makes sure that your internet browsing and downloads are virus free.


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