4 web series which every entrepreneur must watch.

Television & web shows are becoming very famous nowadays as these shows creates visual impact on person that’s way better than a simple hearing. Also, young & aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a lot from these shows as the lessons they depict are invaluable.
Here are some shows that every entrepreneurs must watch :

1) TVF Pitchers

This web series was released by TVF, and it became very famous in no time. The story consists of 4 friends, one of them gets drunk and quits his job. With the idea of opening a startup in his mind, he then convinces his roommates to quit their jobs and join him. They reach the final round of NASSCOM start-up conclave which starts some chain of events that depicts the reality of opening a startup. Entrepreneurs must learn from this show that how to build their idea into reality.

2) How I Made My Millions

This famous CNBC show focuses mainly on common people who made a huge success with their mind and ideas. It clearly shows the journey of a common man right from start to the days when they enjoys success. Every entrepreneurs must learn from this show as an inspiration.

3) Orange Is The New Black

This netflix web series shows the lesbians in a prison. Now you’re thinking what you can possibly learn from that. But the thing is you can learn various entrepreneurship skills from Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov who knows exactly how to promote her innovative ideas and builds a supply chain in prison ending up in making profits in prison.

4) Game of Thrones

One of the most popular television show being aired on HBO teaches a lot of lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs. There are various roles which teaches various lessons as Daenerys teaches why it’s important to build your strong team, Tyrion and Lord Varys reminds us from time to time why knowledge is mandatory and Jon Snow teaches us that we must value ourselves and should never underestimate ourselves in any situation.


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