What we can learn from success of Saraha.com ??

If you’re active on social networking sites, then you must have come across a newly launched app named – ‘Sarahah’ that’s trending at present. This app takes constructive feedback from your friend list whoever chooses to provide you a feedback and then shows it you anonymously.
Though this app is in trending since past few days, we believe that there are few things to learn from this app for the young & aspiring entrepreneurs. Good or bad, a real entrepreneur will examine everything for his advantage. Here are some things to learn from ‘Sarahah’ app :

1) Keep it Super Simple to use

To make your product trending, you’ve to make your product simple and sober that anyone can use your product without any difficulty. Many startup trying to fulfill customer’s requirements make their products so complicated that people confuses in using the product resulting in the failure of the product. Just as ‘Sarahah’ lets you give feedback in a simple style like no other add-ons.

2) Leverage Human Emotion to go Viral

Its always good to have an product to use that matches your emotional level, that can connect with ease emotionally. ‘Sarahah’ became viral in no time because people across the world loves to hear good things about them that makes them feel more valuable.

3) Word of Mouth is the Best Marketing Strategy

The ‘Sarahah’ started with the group of trendy European people who wanted to take feedback about them from their friends and posted the good things on their Facebook wall. As other people saw those posts and began following the trend and it became viral in no time. The lesson that has to be learnt here for an entrepreneur is that you must create your product so good that people who use it would definitely share it with others and make it trending in no time.


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