4 reasons why every Indian entrepreneur should consider the rural market.

Rural marketing is vertical and a conventional marketing techniques, as more than 70% of people in India resides in rural areas. Hence its mandatory to explore these areas and their business ideas and concepts. Various MNC’s like Madison and O&M does rural marketing on a very large scale.
Here’s why every entrepreneur must consider rural markets :

1) The huge population

The crowd is huge in numbers and certain areas are yet to explore, so this gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell their products here. As the rural people are very brand royal, so when you place your products here you’ll get a first mover advantage.

2) Changing demand patterns

The rural people and areas are constantly developing by a very faster rate as the rural people also want to become and live like the peoples they watch on their televisions. Hence their demand patterns are changing and entrepreneurs could use their ideas and strength to introduce latest products which must help them to achieve their dreams.

3) Standard of living and digitization

Rural people has a strong habit of saving money. They save money for their future to achieve their goals and due to this only, their standard of living is increasing slowly. Digitalization is also rising in the rural areas with the availability of internet and electricity so as to make them aware of the latest technology and things that are coming to the market. ITC’s e-choupal has been introduced to many villages to avail them internet services.

4) Marketing opportunities

There are very large number of opportunities for the marketers in the rural areas, a marketer just have to advertise the products and services properly and to be equally distributed within the area. After that , He will get his business running in those rural areas as the rural people respond to the common techniques used.


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