Patricia Thomas Narayan got married at the age of 17 with her own choice. Because of her Inter-Religion marriage, against her parents wish, she was driven out of her family house. Very soon, she realized that she was surrounded with some major challenges in her personal life as her husband Narayan has made her life a lake of sorrow. Because of her Narayan’s habit of Drug addiction, he has made everything bad to worst.
Patricia was not having a single penny with her and was accompanying with four hungry mouths to feed. To come out to all the troubles, she found a way in starting her own setup of Mobile cart on Marine beach with the help of two Special friends. Many other business ideas she came to learn while experiencing the life at Marina runway. She used to sell Snacks, Coffee, Tea & Juice. Over the next few years, she started delivering Tiffin service (Canteen services) for offices in Chennai and soon in 1998; she started her own Restaurant and named it “NELSON MANCKAM ROAD RESTAURANT”.
She was a lady of Courage as she was seeing a bunch of challenges on every pathway. Patricia lost her husband in year 2002. After sometime her daughter & son-in-law passed away in a car accident. Even after these painful tragedies, she didn’t lost her hope & never looked back. Patricia decided to move on and started her first restaurant accompanied with her Son. After losing her daughter, she named her restaurant on her daughter’s name “SANDEEPHA”. Knowing all her struggles & difficult paths, we can name her an IRON LADY as she has come up with an inspiration for today’s generation and specially for all the women. Patricia has also won the “FICCI WOMEN Entrepreneur of the year” Award in 2010.
Patricia Narayan said “I started my business with just two people. Now, there are 200 people working for me in my restaurants. My lifestyle has changed too. From travelling in a cycle rickshaw, I moved to auto rickshaws and now I have my own car. From 50 paise a day, my revenue has gone up to Rs 2 lakh a day.”
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