These entrepreneurs who have impacted your life without you knowing it.

Some products we use in our daily routine aren’t just useful for us but since we’re using them since a long time becomes part of our memories also. While we praise entrepreneurs today, we’ve probably never tried to learn the name of any of these which are a part of our cherishing memories.
Here are some entrepreneurs with their product’s names which have impacted our lives:

1) Himalaya — M Manal

M manal started this company in the late 1930’s when he realized the business potential of ayurvedic medicines. Today, Himalaya does it business in 92 countries worldwide and its pharmaceutical and ayurvedic products have been used by billions of people worldwide including India.

2) Bata — Tomas Bata

The black school shoes which we are wearing since our school time to the leather made formals are all a courtesy of Bata. The founder of Bata – Tomas Bata was born in Czech Republik. At present, Bata has an annual revenue of about Rs. 7,38,00 crore in India and does it business in over 70 countries worldwide.

3) Bajaj — Jamnalal Bajaj

The Bajaj Chetak scooter on Indian roads with an iconic sound in the late 1980’s was an vintage scene. Bajaj , now known as Bajaj Group of companies was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1926. He was a social worker and political leader too. Bajaj currently has a market cap of over Rs 80,000 crore.

4) Boroline — Gourmohan Dutta

Boroline was launched in Kolkata in 1929 when India was under British rule by a Bengali merchant named Gourmohan Dutta. It was a runaway success as an antiseptic cream and many generations have used this cream and have this iconic green color tube in our homes. Now, owned by GD Pharma – parent company, Boroline continues to do well with a Rs 150 crore revenue generated in 2015-16.

5) Prestige — TT Krishnamachari

Born to a Brahmin family in Chennai – TT Krishnamachari founded a business group in 1928. Among its various subsidiaries, the kitchen appliances maker – The Prestige has been well known among the people. Prestige’s pressure cookers, nonstick pans and stoves are we all see in our kitchen. Prestige generated a Rs 1000 crore revenue in 2014 and continues to do well.


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