5 easy tips to keep in mind while naming a company.

If you’ve an excellent idea and a brilliant planning for your business, things are going to be very well for you. But what about the name for your business. You must set the right name for your business, as a research has shown that more than 80% customers makes purchase on the basis of brand name.
However, There are certain factors which you need to consider to choose that perfect brand name for your business :

 1) Message to convey

The name of your business reflects the identity of your company. The name will represent your company right from business cards to promotional events. Hence it must convey the message about your products.

2) Brainstorm ideas

Now you know what message to convey, its time for you to get your best team to work on the brainstorming ideas that best describes your products and services. However, it may take some time but don’t get frustrated.

3) Keep it short and simple

Consider simplicity in naming your venture just like the multi national giants – Nokia, Microsoft , apple .etc. The name must be simple also as to be easy for your customers to remember as if they wont be able to remember then its of no use.

4) Avoid obscure words

People nowadays loves the brand name they can totally relate to and can easily remember. So try avoiding the uncommon and hard words for naming your brand to keep your company out of the danger zone.

5) Avoid literal names

Every business expands with time, so don’t name your company after some words that are associated to a specific thing only. So if your company expands sometimes later on then the name might not suit. So try to avoid literal names for naming your venture.


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1 Comment

  • Sharon Chanyau
    August 3, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    These tips make sense. I have seen company names that are just plain crazy. I think a bad and silly name hurts the business as people will not take you seriously.