The Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is a very talented actress and Model. She is a sensation on Social media and started her career in Hollywood with ‘ Disaster ‘ movie. Apart from that, she is also an Entrepreneur who built a huge empire by herself. She is one of the most successful entrepreneur and every small business owner can learn lessons from her. 
Here are some success tips every aspiring Entrepreneur must learn from Kim Kardashian:

1) She started young

She started working at an very early stage at an drug store, later she started her business on and after making her business a successful one, she came into limelight onto the tv show with the Kardashians. As per her, Money was her first priority and her father taught her to earn money if she want money.

2) Big on publicity

She had a different story of claiming publicity, she created an empire out of a sex tape of her which was leaked in 2007 and her reality show which features her and her family. From cutting her hairs to clothing she wears, everything she does becomes internet sensation and very few have the ability to do that.
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3) The power of branding

Though she has lot of haters complaining about the lame stuff she posts but you have to accept that she knows how to brand herself. She ensures that her name (including her face and body parts) comes on all of her products.

4) Social media marketing

She uses the social media platforms as she does, as it all started with her sex tape being leaked on the internet and she turned it around and started receiving millions of followers. She realized the power of social media and utilized it to build her followers.

5) Continue being in the spotlight

She is aware of the fact that she is now a top celebrity with billions of followers on social media. She graces the independent photographers and posts her public events pics and other pics socially and she loves to be in limelight.
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