Here’s how you can get noticed on LinkedIn

Social networking sites like LinkedIn are getting very popular nowadays not because it connects people across the world but it helps business professionals to connect with each other. You must be available on LinkedIn if you’re a corporate professional, You’ve to take some rights steps in order to mark yourself present on LinkedIn and to be in contact with the right people for the expansion of your professional network.
Here are some steps which can make you noticed on LinkedIn :

1) Fill your profile properly

If you don’t wanna miss any opportunity, fill in your profile carefully with all the necessary information related to you. Start with a strong introduction and write about the experiences u had cause u never know on which criteria employer would select you.

2) Update your status frequently

Your status update reflects about you that you’re active and it makes yourself visible to your connection lists. You can put a status about the the application for your job so that someone somehow will definitely notice you and can get you that lucky chance which you were waiting for.

3) Join various groups

There are various groups which may have industry professionals related to your work field. You can mark your visibility to them by joining the group discussions and should provide thoughtful comments and ideas and hence making a positive impact on them that increases your chances of getting hired.

4) Ask for recommendations

Solid recommendation can improve your changes of getting the job, as the recommendations coming from a senior level professional will create more impact than the recommendations from a co-worker.

5) Build your network

LinkedIn provides you tools so that you can easily find out the people u know on LinkedIn, as by making connections with all the people you know you can build your network as when you’re a part of a network of large number of professional, You’re more likely to be in the priority lists of the hiring companies.

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