Freelance Jobs for freshers in India

If you’re a fresher and looking for that perfect job to start your career with, then you must be familiar with the rising unemployment in our country. The increase in job seekers isn’t accompanied by the increase in Job vacancies which results in job seekers being unemployed. Apart from that, decreased labor participation of women is also a big problem in India. Though its good for country’s economic state. Many employers are hesitant to hire women thus resulting in increased unemployment among women. Many people have found an effective solution for their unemployment – freelancer job.
Freelancing is an easy way out to decrease the unemployment, freelancing requires you to make connections as if you don’t know how and where to start then its very challenging. Here are some tips for you to make your career a success in freelancing work:

1) Take initiative

You can’t expect yourself to find a job instantly or in a day, you need to put your efforts in finding the job of your skills and capabilities. Hiring process may take some time and be understanding with the employers whether they hires you or not.

2) Start signing up

Connect yourself to online freelancer websites like that’ll provide you with loads of freelancer jobs in India compatible with your skills and experience. However, beware of the fake freelancing jobs providing sites which ask you a quite heavy amount while only takes 10% of your earning.

3) Don’t panic

In the initial stage, things may not work out for you as you might have to face rejections also. Dont panic and depress yourself that this field isn’t for you. Don’t give up, just give your best and keep trying till last unless it gives the desired result in the form of your first freelancing job.

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