5 things to help you Increase Profits as Online Freelancer

As an online freelancer, if you’re working for a quite long time and you want an increment in your salary and you think you’re not earning as much as you expected. Online freelancing, isn’t that much profitable as they thinks and choose to quit their work. However, There are some ways that you need to look upon to make your freelancing work more profitable.
Here are some of those factors which can make your freelancing profitable:

1) Work Experience

Your work experience matters a lot. But if you’re a fresher then you don’t have to lose hope. If you’re willing to work you can include your school or college working experience as a journalist. once you get opportunity to work, your experience adds on to your resume.

2) Special skills

Your skills can be a special add-on’s to your resume and can create a good impact like you stands out in doing something that others can’t or you speak a foreign language that others can’t.

3) Certifications and achievements

If you’ve various certificates and different achievements related to your work. Don’t forget to present them all in your profile. Employers considers them as a bonus points and it increases the chances of your selection.

4) Review

As an online freelancer, you’re very reliant on your credibility. Both client and freelancer can leave review for on another after completion of their project. Your reviews reflects your work, always try your best to satisfy your customers with your work so they leave a positive feedback for you.

5) Bargain

Before accepting the work, make sure to discuss about your working rates and payment. If you feel that you’re not getting paid the amount you deserve, don’t settle for less. However, don’t overcharge your client as it will make a bad impression of yours.

By following these things, you’ll realize how profiting working as an online freelancer can be.



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  • Shivangi Dikshit
    July 26, 2017 at 7:51 am

    A very helpful piece of work..