Here are the 10 best entrepreneurial traits and habits of startup founders

In today’s world, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy at all. It requires your skills and determination towards the idea of your business, also it requires strong mental health of yours as you might to go through rejections.
The best lessons are to be learnt by observing others that are already in that business line and to take guidance from the experts. This will lead you to be good in decision making and adaptability that’ll take your business to heights of success.
Here’re some of the best habits and entrepreneurial traits that entrepreneurs exhibits:

1) Know your customer

Keep your customers close, you must know what your customers require and demands as so to serve them with the best.

2) Passionate about work

You’ve to be very much disciplined when it comes to your work, because its not about just paychecks. If you want success, you’ve to be put your 100% effort.

3) Constant learning

Learning never ends, You’ve to learn constantly from your shortcomings and you’ve to come over that and introduce a product that does fulfill all the requirements of customer without any shortcomings.

4) Strive to be better, not perfect

Always try to make yourself better as trying to be perfect just often prevent us from making things good.

5) Be confident in your abilities

Believe in yourself always, you must be confident regarding your abilities but dont let that confidence turning into over-confidence.
Yes you can do it is your confidence but Only you can do this is your over-confidence.

6) Take calculated risks

Risks are a important part of a business, You’ve to take calculated and Intelligent risks to take business to heights of success.

7) Don’t fear competition

No matter what business you do, You’ll have competition for sure. Well that simply means that there is a market for your business. Use your knowledge and know what your customers wants and You’ll surpass your competitors.

8) Be a salesman

You must master the art of selling your product, You just have to prepare yourself mentally as to be able to face 100’s No to get that 1 yes. The ability to understand your customers and their demands and provide them the product that fulfills their criteria so they can easily adopt your product.

9) Never stop coming up with ideas

Your mind is a constant generator of ideas and plans. Make considerable ideas to Improvise your business so as to make it more profitable and successful.

10) Every complaint is a learning for you

As Bill gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” The feedback from your customers can also be something to learn from so as to Improvise your products and services and to end the shortcomings your product has.


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