Accident Left Her Blind, But she cracks UPSC in first attempt

When people told her to stop being ambitious because she was blind, when she learnt to read through her fingers, when she spent hours straining her brain over various books while preparing for several exams, It was her patience that she went through all this cause she knew that she had to answer this world with her success.
Pranjal Patil, shut the mouth of all the people who once told her she can’t do anything and doubted her abilities, as she scored the 124th rank in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) one of the toughest exam in our country and she is Now at present an IAS Officer.

Losing Vision :

Pranjal lost her eyesight in a accident when she was just 6 years old. One of her friend accidentally stabbed sharped pencil into her eye due to which she lost vision of her eye. It destroyed her confidence and will power to live her life without vision, but she was brave and accepted this harsh truth. But life didn’t seem to be going right for her as due to side effects of a medicine she was consuming she lost eyesight of other eye also which left her complete blind. She studied in Smt. Kamla Mehta school for blind, Dadar – Mumbai till Xth.

Snapping Back:

Her life took a turn when she took admission in St. Xavier’s College in CST and it was 1 hour from her home in Ulhasnagar in Thane via train. She used to travel by local train, often people say to her that why she travels alone? Or why she didn’t take admission to a nearby college. Such statements from people made her realize that people can’t see a person with disabilities can dream high, yet she continued to travel to her college for 3 years.
Her mother helped him a lot in studies, she used to read out the notes of her study which Pranjal used to memorize throughout, her determination and hard work payed out as she topped the Mumbai University and began of dreaming even bigger. She got admission in Master’s in Jawahar lal Nehru University, Delhi and she pursued masters in International relations followed by M Phil, Phd in 2014. Now, she dreamed of becoming an IAS officer and wanted to serve the country. She had to leave her comfortable life for the tough preparation of UPSC exam.

She said, ” Off course I was doing IAS for good posts, comfort and perks but more importantly i wanted to inspire people to chase bigger goals and live a life of purpose.”
“This is the my answer to all those who doubted in my potential”, she added.


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