Born with no arms, Swapna Augustine, is an incredible Mouth & Foot Painting Artists.

Swapna Augustine, from Ernakulam a small town situated in Kerala was born with no arms, but she didn’t let her limitation overcome her aspirations and dreams. She stands out with her phenomenal work and activities. In the childhood days, she decided to do everything on her own, she loved painting and drawing, so she started paintings with her feet and they came out very fine and good.
As she discovered her hidden talent, her family and her teachers helped her with all the necessary support for her paintings. Her paintings have been published in various magazines and newsletters. She is also a privileged member of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA) since 1999. She is actively involved in social activities as well. She frequently exhibits her work among students and interacts with them.
On having a little talk with her, she said, “The whole credit for my achievements goes to the almighty and my parents who motivated me to fight against the challenges.
We are all capable of achieving success, but we just forget to look beyond the obstacles that we face.” She is a inspiration to all of us that no physical barriers can stop you from achieving your dreams as she defeated her disability and achieved what the world thought was impossible for her. Her paintings  are a symbol of her struggles and zeal to achieve her goals.
You can find samples of her painting MFPA site.

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