She is paralyzed below neck, still she does Rs 3 Cr turnover monthly.

When life snatches something from your left hand, It always gives something more precious to our right hand. Every new day comes up with new hopes and challenges, where we gain or lose something. But we must respect those people who never gave up their hope and determination and overcome all the obstacles that comes in-between their goals.
Sujata Burla, from Hyderabad is a perfect example of Never give up attitude. She is truly a motivator and life winner to thousands of lives, apart from that she is a successful trader in Hyderabad stock Market. Her life struggle inspires us in many ways and teaches us how to survive the most toughest phase of life. She was living a normal life like any other person of her age, but that one accident torn her life apart.
On 9th June 2001, when she was coming back to home with her family from Shirdi, Maharashtra. She met with a serious road accident which brought a serious damage to her spinal cord. Even after 4 months of continuous treatment, doctors said that she will not be able to walk for the rest of her life and her body below neck have become paralyzed, she suffered all this at an young age of 21.
Sujata says in the beginning, I was struggling with the trauma and for the first few months I felt that it was the end of my life. 
I could not depend on others like a parasite and did not even know whether there was any possibility of improvement.
Those struggling days gave sujata a vital sense of life as who really cares for her, as she had become a burden on her family and no family friends was interested in taking her responsibility. She had to fight it all alone, situations became worst for her as she also lost her father and it wasn’t easy for her to survive with a hope. Now, the prime concern of her was how to earn money while staying at home.
Burla said. “I wanted to be independent in the truest of sense… So I started trading in 2006. 
I made mistakes initially, but then I learnt. The most important thing in investing is to revisit your wrong trades,” 
She started to work with her sister who was a fashion designer, she learned all the tricks & techniques of business and opened up a little workshop of her own in a short time. As the textile business closed, some of her friend advised her to invest in the stock market and in 2004, she started investing and began trading in stock market.
However, in the beginning it was difficult for her to type on the keyboard but later she got used to it and since then she never looked back. Now she easily trades on her laptop and earns 2 to 3 lakhs per month easily.
Sujata Burla says Today my turnover for a month is over Rs 3 crore. But  my actual investment is only Rs 15 lakhs.
Recently, NASA invited her to motivate the scientists which in fact is a huge achievement for her. Sujata started an NGO named ‘Shraddha’ which helps & takes care of the children with spinal cord problems. Moreover, she is planning to launch a stock market training center. Sujata is a living inspiration for all of those who gave up the hope of living just due to their physical in competences and yes she proves that with strong will power and a belief in yourself, one can achieve everything in his life.
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  • Shivleela Ganesh Gore
    July 17, 2017 at 9:26 am

    Truely inspiring story of Sujata Birla,Inspite of odds,she is at peak of the success and don’t mourn over her griefs,All women should read this article and use their hidden potential to stand out in the crowd,and make their own identity in the male dominated areas too