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Business can reach to great heights only if your product hits in the market and meets the requirements of the customers. Nowadays, its mandatory to enhance your reach to the market and most of the companies do so through the online web portals. However, the challenges faced by the online Sellers is lack of knowledge and communication with the public.
One startup that is making life easier for the online sellers isSellergyan. Sellergyan assists the e-commerce sellers to work on their online work-process with minimum efforts in very less time. Founded by Praveen Penumaka and Nasreen Shaik in 2016, sellergyan is based in Hyderabad. Their products and feasible and very convenient to use, their products help both the sellers who want to enter into online business and those who wanna increase their business measures.
Praveen Penumaka (Founder&CTO) is an IIT Madras alumni and has served as an SDE at Amazon, India And Nasreen shaik (CO-Founder & CEO) is an MBA from Institute of Public Enterprise and has worked as Program Manager at Amazon, India. They encountered the problems that online sellers were facing which made them to quit their online business And the other sellers not go online.
As both of them were working previously in one of the biggest e-commerce giant – , they gathered all the information related to e-commerce entry, marketing, operations .etc. and concluded the problems for which they’re preparing technical solution for them. At present, sellergyan has 789 page views for their first product website, they’ve 513 registered users and out of them 456 are using the products on daily basis in Product Cataloging on e-commerce. The product reduces seller’s efforts and helps the seller to make their way into the online business comfortably and they also provide them with assistance all the time to scale up their sales efficiently.


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  • Tina Martin
    July 10, 2017 at 8:03 am

    I am planning on starting an online store and I will check this out 🙂