Google’s next DeepMind AI research lab opens in Canada

After establishing it’s Artificial Intelligence lab in Canada in 2016, Google is expanding its presence up north. Deepmind – a subsidiary of Google that deals with the novel ways to apply AI, announced the launch of a. Ew research center in Edmonton. This is unit’s first outpost outside the UK.

Research efforts will be led by 3 professors from University of Alberta, which has been collaborating with Deepmind from a long time. Deepmind also counts many alumni of University of Alberta and plans to assign seven of them in the new lab. Deepstack paper that was published earlier this year has contribution of most of the group’s members. Deepmind’s head – Damis Hassabis told that the team in this new lab will focus mainly on the core scientific research. The team of 3 professors which will lead the research work will held up their tenures at UAlberta so as to contribute towards the academic community.

The group sponsors UAlberta’s machine learning lab and plans to increase the funding. These contributers arent just charitable in nature, any AI breakthroughs the department might produce can benefit Google’s bottom line. Google is recruiting experts in this field on a large scale to support their product development efforts. As the demand outrips supply in traditional hubs like Silicon valley, other tech giants are making their move to Canada. In early 2017, Microsoft corp. made an AI research centre in Montreal with $7 million set aside at the local universities for support.



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