All You Need To Know About This Graphic Design Startup.

If you’re planning to launch your own startup for graphic designing, You must take a look at ‘Vectr’. Vectr was founded by two guys, one of them was a designer and other one was a software engineer. They both wanted to create a powerful cross platform for designing graphics, they worked on their project for 3 years and after the successful implementation they launched Vectr out of beta in September, 2016.

The main idea behind Vectr was to create a design platform which will enable the full design workflow in a place. The most important framework which they worked on was building the most complicated underlying technology infrastructure of the application. As the journey of Vectr started, the most challenging part was yet to come as the team management at Vectr was planning to give Adobe some serious competition on the market of creative software. On asking Mr. Vlad Shvets, a Head of Growth at Vectr.

About the funding, he said, “It wasn’t easy to raise funds from the investors. It’s a lengthy process and every person in the startup has to work hard for it. Vectr has been backed by Resolute Ventures as the lead investor and some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the field of creative software”.

And when it comes to designing, Vectr not only aims to illustrator instead they’re trying to build a system which will facilitate full design process. As at present, the design of software is segmented and dispersed. But Vectr is trying to create, share, collaborate and publish to web all the amazing designs in one place.

Today, Vectr is been used widely and the most active users aren’t graphic designers, they’re marketers, software developers and social media managers. As Vectr is a tool that anyone who needs to design some graphics and wants to use a simple web based tool to do so can use it simply.



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