He is the No. 1 young entrepreneur in India, and will be felicitated by PM

In a small tea village named as Hope tea Garden in jalpaiguri, there was a young boy who traveled 108 kms of school by changing 3 modes of transportation. A young dreamer who believed in his ideas and skills and he knew that his ideas and dreams will definitely usher in his destiny. Mr. Amit Aggrawal – founder of Upcart, at present has been ranked as the best young Entrepreneur of India by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for his invention and will be awarded by the Prime Minister in the coming days.

Living in a middle class family, life was full of struggle for him and his family as he had to travel a huge distance of 108 km for his school. Eventually, they moved to Siliguri and Amit got admission in Delhi public school. After his schooling, rather than following the crowd, he joined Inspiria Knowledge Campus for BBA. As his course progressed, his Entrepreneul mind emerged suddenly on a one fine day when his mother, who was coming from a trip and told him that she can’t carry the weight and need his help to Carry the luggage upstairs. One thought suddenly stroke into his mind that if suitcases can have wheels, why can’t something be invented that rolls on the ground as well as on a staircase.

He held on to his thoughts, and days went passed finally he turned it into something useful, his product Upcart. Upcart not only solves the problem of moving luggage upstairs, it has a ergonomic handle that rotates a full 360. It’s tri star wheel mechanism makes to able to roll over on any surface. It has a laptop tray with beverage holder and a laundry bag.

It works on to a folding mechanism where in it collapse sand can be stored in a sleek bag, makes it more economical in terms of carriage and space consumption. Most importantly, it has a inbuilt tracking system so that the user can track their luggage from their smartphones.

In 2016, He went to the NASSCOM E summit to start R&D to upgrade the Upcart. He participated in Global Entrepreneurship week through his college organised by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship’s Make In India campaign.

There were various phrases over a span of 3 weeks and Amit was ranked no. 112 out of 21,08,000 participants all over the world. Internationally, once player’s product had the same name as of Amit’s product, so he had a conversation with them and took their permission before naming his product. The product is now ready and has been sent for patenting, once it has been done he will launch the product officially. Keeping in mind about the pulse of market, Upcart is expected to be priced at approximately Rs. 2000.



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