Lessons from Epic Hindu Methodology for every entrepreneur.

Ramayana is one of the greatest epics of Hindu methodology. It is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. It’s an educational medium which is used by ancient sages to make us understand the importance of doing out duty. There’re several life lessons one can learn from this epic Hindu methodology.

Here are some of those.

1) Teamwork

Teamwork is always an important aspect for a company. In Ramayana, lord Rama was only able to win over Ravana with the help of his team only.

2) Do your business with all ethics

Always follow your ethics in anything you do, Be like lord Rama and consider your business like Dharma.

3) Don’t over commit

It’s better not to over commit to anyone because of any excitement. Just like king Dashratha, you may over commit due to over happiness but later when the actual moment happen you can regret but you can’t change your decision.

4) Stay cool and don’t be angry

While running a startup, you should keep your cool always whatever be the situation. Also in Ramayana, Laxman lost his cool many times, which put him in trouble many times.

5) Startup is all about making life sacrifices

As an entrepreneur, sometimes work-load is too much and you’ve to sacrifice your comfort zone and time. Just like in Ramayana, Ram & Sita left their royal place and went to forest for 14 years.

6) Be a decision maker

In Ramayana, when Hanuman went for the Sanjivani bolti, he wasn’t able to identify it. But he didn’t waste time and made a quick decision to take the whole mountain with him. Likewise As an entrepreneur, you must have the ability to make decisions quickly that must be beneficial for your company.

7) Leave your ego

Always leave your ego while entering into your office, as situations can come upside down at any time and you might require some help from others. Don’t let your ego come in between you & your work. As Ravana lost his kingdom and his life just due to his ego.




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