Explore Here Why journalists can make good entrepreneurs

Journalists can be a great entrepreneurs, they’ve skills that helps them to detect and address the relevant problems. They points out the ‘why’ by talking to the people and analyzing data. Also, in past few days we’ve seen Arnab Goswami’s dramatic exit from Times Now and some days after that he made a comeback with his new channel ‘Republic’. Journalists have a proper mix of idealism and determination that helps them in bringing useful ideas to life.

Here are some points as why journalists can be a good entrepreneurs .

1) Networking

Networking is In the blood of a journalist, it’s important aspect of their job to meet new people asking about their stories. As networking is very important for an entrepreneur, as without making good contact with others who’re already expert in this field, they can’t hope for building their enterprise.

2) Researching

Journalists are excellent researchers. They’re constantly researching the stories and data that’s both fresh & unique. As an entrepreneur, you need to research about the core concept of your company that must be unique as to stand it out from the crowd.

3) Resourcefulness

They’re trained to track down all the sources about a story they’re covering. As whom to approach for recruitment, marketing & other details. This skill helps an individual in building a startup as he knows whom to contact for a particular and how to utilize the resources.

4) Potential coverage

Journalists know other fellow journalists and they need to make healthy relations with them as they can request and receive potential coverage of any story as when they need. Also, for their company, it fulfills the need of media promotional coverage and events as without promotion no startup can make it to success as it attempts to be.

5) Feedback

As a journalist, it’s important to listen to your feedback and improve your shortcomings and improve the quality of their work. Also as an entrepreneur, you’ve to hear the critics words in order to improve your work and that’ll make the work process better and beneficial for your company.



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