Difference between working for a startup versus a corporate job

Humans are a bit complicated and utterly confused, they always look at their neighbor and think ‘what if I could’ type dilemma. Same way, corporate people continuously eye and feels jealous of their startup folks. While, People in the startup desperately wants to join the corporate job.
On a Honest note, No one has it easy and you’re going to have the same complaint on the other side of the boat also.

Here are some differences which can surely help you choose between working for a startup versus a corporate job ;

1) Better culture or higher salaries

A startup can’t match corporate in terms of salary, though startup has a free spirited and collaborative environment. If a product don’t succed, you’re at a constant risk of loosing in your job because of product failure resulting in shut down of startup.

2) Team player or authority

When working with a MNC, you’re the boss ! You’ve a team which reports to you on daily basis and does all the work. There’s no hierarchy here, while in a startup, you’re a team of 20 people and they can’t afford hierarchy. You turn to be a excellent team player and develops relations beyond work-relation.

3) Psychological bond or job responsibility

When you work for a startup, you enter into a psychological contract with them. You’re them now. if they succeed, you succeed and vice versa. That’s you take the responsibility of someone else’s dreams and vision. While, in a corporate you’re focused to ensure the continued success of the corporation.

4) Self-satisfaction versus social status

If you’re a person who likes to work which satisfies you and builds your professional thirst, then you’re better at a corporate job. While a startup doesn’t comes up with a social-status thing, you gotta work hard and achieve your goals.

5) Jack of all trades or master of one

If you’re an marketing genius, you look after your jobs & targets and you let the others look after their. That’s how the corporate works. While in a startup, a person has to be a leader and a team. You come up with a idea and you’ve to make it a big success. There’s no delegation in a startup and that’s the beauty of a startup.




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