Why some of the best entrepreneurs are Night owls ??

Today, world has got themselves in a big hurry and they run each other over on the roads to reach the office at right time and they watch the clock impatiently till it strikes 6, following which they shut their work and go to their respective homes. However, studies have proven that those who utilizes their midnight time are more successful than those wake up at crack of dawn. Here are some reasons why some of the best entrepreneurs are Night owls :

1) The world is asleep

Ask as many entrepreneurs as you can and they’ll constantly tell you that the regular disturbance from friends, family and colleagues is the hardest challenge they’ve ever faced. That’s why for an entrepreneur, the night time is a perfect time for work or to make work calls when the world is asleep or too polite.

2) They get quick access across borders and oceans

If you’re an night-owl , You’ve an great advantage as your waking hours will provide you access to other global markets. For suppose, If you’re working in night shifts, while your fellow colleagues are asleep, your counter-Parts in other global markets of US and Canada will be releasing their business inputs and work systems. So you’ll be able to watch all of this live as now you know what exactly you’ve to do.

3) They can use their time wisely

For an Entrepreneur, the whole day is full of constant activities. Due to their busy schedule, it’s impossible for them to keep up with the market changes or to reply to business calls & unopened mails. This is where the night time helps, they can catch up on the updates of markets and can also read and reply to the business mails.

4) The virtual world is most active

Time has changed today and ‘the light out at 10’ is forgotten. Today, the social world wakes up mostly post dinner and is mostly active till late hours. This is the time to do Networking as this is the time when most ideas come , You can hear back from the people you’re following on LinkedIn and Facebook.

5) They can accommodate more work into their hours

This is one of the most favorite traits of night-owls, they get their work done. For an night working Entrepreneur, the day is endless and no matter the time, they won’t think to take rest until their work is done.

That is why Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Bill Gates etc. are all early sleepers and early risers.



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