Here are five simple steps to become a successful freelance writer.

If you’re interested in writing and You want to build your in Freelancing as a Freelancer writer, You need to have an excellent writing skills. But that’s not enough to be a Freelancer, getting clients is also an important factor. However, there’s no shortage of clients in the market but you need to offer them something that others can’t offer. We’ve summed up some important steps to help you make a career as a freelancer writer :

1) Start somewhere

Before getting hit, you’ve to start your work. The writing work won’t be served to you, You’ve to create your own social profile or blog and build some audience from there. As you get a start, work hard and make your career a successful one.

2) Decide your rates

Before you enter into the Freelancing work, You need to research and set your rates. However, don’t lower your rate scale just to get some work as it won’t help you and may also effect adversely other’s Freelancing writers out there.

3) Decide what you want to write

Make up your mind as in which genre you want to write. Either you want to write about business or politics or you wanna indulge in educational topics or fashion & lifestyle .etc. You don’t wanna write about a particular genre, You can accept the work from all genres.

4) Take the extra effort

Nowadays, freelancer writers aren’t concerned in writing and editing only, but they put some extra efforts for their clients. Writers also publish their latest contents on their blogs and social media so as to get them more clients.

5) Request your past and present clients for testimonials

You may ask your fellow colleagues and clients to provide you a testimonial about your work, as this will add a strong point into your portfolio and can also get you some more clients. This will also attest to your professionalism and talent.



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