Here’s 5 of the most powerful business couples in the world

Today’s generation demand a balance in their lives, though we’re an independent identities yet we yearn for love and companionship. Chances are that you find what you’re looking for, as it’s been said, ‘ You’ll find what you seek for ‘. And that’s what Happened with these business couples whose joint forces in business remains unchallenged, Here are stories of some business couples that’ll give some serious life goals :

1) Cher Wang and Wenchi Chen The co-founder of HTC Corporation –

Cher Wang married to Chen wenchi – President and CEO of VIA Technologies. Both Wang and Chen have stakes in each other’s corporation, Wang even helped Chen when she was facing difficulties in the initial stages of her corporation. Chen’s religious zeal greatly inspires her husband who even converted to Christianity for her.

2) Mukesh and Nita Ambani Mukesh Ambani – Chairman of Reliance Industries

The richest man in India and Nita Ambani – chairperson of Reliance Industries. The story tale of how Mr. Ambani proposed to her at a traffic signal in Mumbai has won our hearts. The duo has raked a million dollar business, some of which is been given to charity as Mrs. Ambani is involved in many charity programs as Drishti, a initiative by her for the blind peoples.

3) Marrisa Mayer and Zack Bogue Zack

A former lawyer who invested in a big data startup and founded an investment fund Data Collective and Marrisa – CEO of . They were married on 12th December, 2009. The couple met for first time when she working in Google. After joining , she was appointed as the CEO lately, she announced that she is pregnant much to the delight of the world.

4) Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill gates Founder of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world And Melinda gates – American business​woman & philanthropist with a net worth of $70 billion. The couple married in Hawaii in 1994. The duo runs ‘ Bill and Melinda gates foundation which the the largest foundation in the world.

5) Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos

Jeff bezos Founder of Amazon and Mackenzie bezos – an American novelist, they met in a New York hedge fund ‘DE Shaw’ which they were both working for in 1992. The couple married in same year lately, In 1994 they move to Seattle where Jack was appointed as co-founder of Amazon and Mackenzie published her famous books – ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ (2005) and Traps (2013). They’ve three sons and one daughter.



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