Parisa Tabriz: An Inspiration to Millions of Dreams

Most of us know about Larry Page and Sundar Pichai but not many people are aware of Parisa Tabriz (The Security Princess). She is a computer security expert who works for Google as an Information Security Manager. She coined the title ‘Security Princess’ on her business card. She had become a unique job title as a woman in technology. In a Hi-tech company like Google where the woman often struggles to be on the top, Tabriz has become a role model.
Ms. Tabriz heads a team of 30 high-end hackers in the US and Europe who are responsible for Chrome Security and whose job it is to ensure the security of Google Chrome by ‘attacking’ their own company, in order to expose weaknesses in the system before the bad guys get there. In 2012, Forbes magazine included her in their “Top 30 People under 30 to Watch in the Technology Industry” list.

Her success story is quite interesting from being an intern to a ‘White-hat hacker’, who landed a summer internship with Google’s core security team and later became a part of this tech giant. She got into hacking when she was in college. She was using a software called Angelfire to build websites. As a free service, Angelfire displayed irritating banner ads that Tabriz did not like.

So she hacked it and found a way to remove them. Angelfire would then find a way to bring them back and Tabriz would do it again, getting better at it. And so, a hacker was born.
Tabriz also encourages women and even college students to take up programming. She emphasizes that you don’t need to start programming as a kid to become the best in it. Despite her tough job and important profile, she manages to chill out very well. She is an avid rock climber and likes rock climbing to hacking. She has become an inspiration to millions of women who dreams of success and wants to work for it.

It’s never too late, So let’s start today!

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