How startups can beat big companies ??

The startup entrepreneurs often faces tough competition from many corporate giants and most of the times, startups clashes with the giants, the giants wins. It’s not like the startups fails to provide quality products and services but the big companies already have their large no. of employees and a huge customer base settled up. But just because startups can’t compete with these big brands, it doesn’t means the aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t begin their startups. Here are some ways by which startups can beat big brands. 

1) Listen to what your clients want:- Big corporate companies usually ignores what their clients want, As a startup you must know what your clients want. If you’ll fulfill your client’s needs by customizing your products and services, it’ll be very helpful for the enhancement of your startup.

2) Work extremely Hard:- You just have to work extremely Hard to make your business successful, don’t just give it up if on some point your strategies fails. Strive to better yourself with each fresh effort and work relentlessly to make your dreams success.

3) Add speed to your advantage:- Corporate giants have a big bureaucracy that contain several levels of hierarchy which slows down their decision making and hence affecting the whole system. startups can take huge advantage of this, as clients hate slow services.

4) Don’t give in to fear:- When you see big brands spending millions of Bucks after their development and research campaigns, don’t fear for your small business. Instead hire the best talents up there and you’ll see the better enhancement of your startup.

5) Be determined to succeed:- As a startup entrepreneur, you’ll hear lot of no’s in your initial stage. But don’t be discouraged, if you’re determined to have a client on-board, go after him with all you’ve. Big brands take their clients for granted. Do take advantage of this to make the clients see that you’re a better option.



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1 Comment

  • Vladimir
    May 17, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Big companies often lose touch with their customers. That’s where startups have them beat. Good post.